Our Classic Journeys are designed to introduce you to a destination. They cover a country's best known urban and rural areas, famous monuments and historical sites and spectacular natural features.


Backroads itineraries cover a mix of well-known and off-beat locations, and offer a range of experiences, such as city walking tours, rural day walks, local train and boat rides and village visits. These itineraries suit curious and open-minded travellers who enjoy local experiences and a glimpse of the inner workings of a destination.


Frontiers itineraries offer in-depth activities in a countrys most off-beat locations. There are various features which make these itineraries unique. Homestay accommodation, multi-day walks, meals with families, travel through remote areas as well as free time for you to explore on your own. Frontiers itineraries are best suited to adventurous travellers who dont like to be restricted to well-worn paths.


Overland itineraries combine two or more countries in one tour. They are a great way to enjoy different destinations and the contrasts between them within one trip, especially in South-East Asia where neighbouring countries are numerous and easily accessible.


A collection of itineraries aimed at active travellers who enjoy physical activities, the outdoors and national parks. Day walks, multi-day treks, canoeing and rafting, national park visits and bike riding are some of the activities featured in these itineraries.


Our trekking (also known as hiking, tramping or simply walking, depending on where you are from!) itineraries are for the seriously active traveller. These multi-day walks highlight the best of a country's natural features. Accommodation ranges from tents to tea houses to homestays.


Architecture, bird watching, history, bicycle or motorbike tours, sport, food and cooking these are just some of the special interests that you can make the focus of your trip. Whatever it is that motivates you to travel, we can create an itinerary to suit.


In-depth and Interactive itineraries focus on observing and learning about the inner workings of a country. Learn a traditional craft, witness a unique cultural ceremony, spend time with a family at a homestay activities that lead to a deeper understanding of your destination are the feature of these itineraries.


These carefully crafted itineraries are unique to Asia Unbound and suited to well-travelled people looking for something different. Some highlight an especially interesting aspect of a country, some feature a rarely visited but worthwhile site or city, while others combine well-known places in an original way.

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