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From Asia Unbound founder Lincoln Harris.

I first travelled to India when I was 16. It's an understatement to say that a month alone in India as a teenager was formulative. From that time on, my life has revolved around travel.

After repeated trips to India in my teens, by my early 20's I was organising and leading tours there, as a way to share the passion and excitement that I felt about the country. This enterprise became India Unbound, which became an award winning tour operation and, to this point at least, my life's work. Indeed it led me permanently to India, where I looked after India Unbound's tour operations while living and raising a family in Mumbai for a number of years.

The rapid growth of India Unbound gave us offices in Melbourne, Australia and Mumbai, India. Combined with 10 years of operational experience in the most challenging destination in Asia, and entreaties from our loyal India travellers to assist with travel elsewhere, the obvious next step - taken in 2008 - was to expand operations to other Asian destinations. We now offer travel in 16 Asian countries, with new destinations always just around the corner.

About You

Our travellers come from all over the world and from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups. It's most likely that you will find our tours and itineraries interesting if you are an active and curious traveller. At the same time we understand that sometimes you need to take it easy - there is a lot to be said for beach resorts and relaxing by a pool! But we do like a challenge, so you shouldn't be shy putting in a request for a far flung destination or out of the ordinary activity - Silk Road by bicycle anyone?

Tailor-made, Personalised and Professional

The service we offer comes with a large dose of personal care. We aim to reply promptly and accurately to your inquiries and give meticulous attention to detail during the planning process. It's our goal to offer original itineraries and tours that are customised to your interests and requirements, rather than offering you something off-the-shelf. Most importantly we'll do everything possible to make your trip a memorable one.


Because we operate under the auspices of India Unbound Pty Ltd, a licensed Australian travel agent and member of the Travel Compensation Fund, you can be sure that we act in a financially responsible manner (the Travel Compensation Fund requires licensed travel agents to meet strict financial guidelines in order to qualify for ongoing membership of the Fund). Asia Unbound is a trading name of parent company India Unbound Pty Ltd.


Priase for India Unbound and Asia Unbound:

Just back from a dream trip to India made hassle free by India Unbound! Lincoln is patient and helpful at the itinerary planning stage and his suggestions turned out to be every bit as wonderful (and more) than we had hoped. Thanks! Elaine Kealy, Jan 2013

Totally recommend India Unbound never had service like it. We have travelled in China and East & South Africa with similar arrangements neither as good as this company.
Trish and Alan Golding, Nepal, North and South India, Nov 2012

We have travelled to many countries around the world, both self-organised and with various professional tour operators, and while all of those journeys were creditably well organised and thoroughly enjoyable, the five week India trip organised for us by India Unbound stands out from all the rest. Beginning with an imaginative, well-paced itinerary covering iconic Indian sites as well as little known places of great interest often unmentioned in guide books, the organisation on the ground in India was flawless and the accommodation endlessly varied and uniquely Indian. Most importantly, apart from many great sights, we met a host of wonderful people who made the trip exceptional. We especially appreciated your own personal phone calls, both in Agra and in Madurai.
We would unhesitatingly recommend India Unbound for any proposed trip to India.
Brett and Margaret Patterson - Rajasthan, Gujarat and south India, Jan 2010

Our recent trip to India was outstanding. Travel in India can be challenging but with your local knowledge you made ours a great experience. All arrangements by you and your local partners were faultless. The Taj and Oberoi groups provided outstanding facilities and wonderful staff. Our Indian driver Pradeep was a treasure. We have done a bit of travel including a fair bit of high end and the organisation and experience of this trip was one of our best. Thank you.
Bob and Vicki Grady, Nov 2012

We found India Unbound to be an excellent agent. The Assisted Independent Travel arrangement was a great way to explore India. We had a fantastic driver and knowledgeable guides it put our minds at ease, knowing we were in their capable hands the entire trip.
Dr Mosses Lee, November 2012

Weve travelled in Europe, Asia, and of course Australia, always self-organised. India, from the outside, just seemed too daunting to do it ourselves; and the last thing we wanted was to join a large tour group over which we had no control. IndiaUnbound was the solution. We nominated places we wanted to go, themes we were interested in, and Lincoln did the rest.
From arrival and transfer services, to drivers, guides and accommodation, even restaurant recommendations everything was taken care of. Having experienced India at first hand, I cant imagine arriving in any city without all of those arrangements in place first, and if we have the opportunity to travel to India again, it will certainly be with India Unbound.
Ian Swan, February 2012

My girlfriend and I were interested in visiting Kerala for its National Parks and beaches and the North-East for its parks, mountains and people. We contacted Lincoln from India Unbound 3 weeks before we departed. He gave us advice and assistance and put together 2 tours that covered these places and our interests. The trips ran very smoothly and took us to amazing places with great accommodation, friendly people and amazing food. Considering these were semi-personalised tours, they were great value. All in all India Unbound helped us have a hassle-free, culturally rich trip in which weve created some fantastic memories. Thanks!
Phil Rance, South and North East India, March 2012

We appreciated the two phone calls from Lincoln, the thorough, detailed itinerary with appropriate back-up plans if necessary and the knowledge that Lincoln and his team knew our whereabouts at all times. Lincoln was awesome throughout the entire process!
The Powell family (USA), North and South India, Feb 2012

The experience surpassed our high expectations. We were given a marvellous insight into Indian culture and spirituality. I could not have wished for more
George Sykes and Katalin McDonald, Nov 2011

We chose India Unbound to organise out trip to Rajasthan, our first trip to India. The arrangements and plans all went extremely well and we had a wonderful and hassle-free time.
Barbara and David Mushin, Nov 2011

Excellent itinerary, wonderful service from all staff, India was a wonderful experience for the whole family. Thank you!
James Cameron and family, South India, Sep 2011

We loved India and all that we saw and experienced. Your organisation was superb and we commented frequently how smoothly everything went and how ideal all your recommendations were. Many thanks from us all.
Bill and Susanne Steele and Ian and Sue Martens, Rajasthan, Feb 2011

What a way to see Rajasthan we decided what we wanted to see and Lincoln arranged the rest. Fabulous hotels, guides in each city, a desert camp experience and best of all with our own driver and air-conditioned car, and then a train trip back to Delhi we had an 'Incredible India' experience. Definitely the way to go for a hassle free India trip.
Lee Jones, 2007

I think the worry of organising the trip was taken out of our hands and to top it off it all went beautifully. If you want a personalised, worry free trip without the high price tag. THIS IS IT.
Sandy and Dick Pelling, 2007

Incredible India is a gross understatement, it is unpredictably amazing. Thank you for an experience that will stay with me for till the end of my days.
Paul Weir, 2007

Such a rich experience the energy of India and the friendly warmth and kindness of the people. Blasts all your senses.
Helen and Keith Ferguson (and friends), Wellington, NZ, 2007

Thank you for laying the groundwork for our own Incredible India experience. We could never have anticipated the journey we have made along with our driver . . . five stars are not enough (for him).
David McCaw and Linda Loh, 2007

Travelling with India Unbound was as I would travel with family and/or friends. The small group was perfect, the leader friendly, flexible and lots of fun. The itinerary was comprehensive but with flexibility and it certainly gave us an understanding of what India is about.
David and Brenda Ayers, 2008

The service provided by India Unbound has enabled us to see India in all its many aspects. I thoroughly recommend them as tour organisers. Thank you.
Bob Ramshaw and Rosalie Lindley, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2008

  • Good Guy bad Guyดินตามผู้ใหญ่ หมาไม่กัด
    (pronounced Dern tarm phu-yai mha mai khud)
    When you follow the old man, the dog will not bite.
    Thai aphorism
  • WhizzkidsMalas tah ku ingau
    I just couldn't be bothered.
    Bruneian proverb
  • Knigin MutterJadilah kumbang, hidup sekali di taman bunga, jangan jadi lalat, hidup sekali di bukit sampah.
    Be a bee, living in a flowery garden, not a fly, living in heaps of garbage.
    Indonesian aphorism
  • RT Hybride ArchivierungAanakaaryam Pareyumbol Aano Chenakkaryam
    When you are discussing elephants dont bring up yams.
    Malayali proverb
  • RT Hybride Archivierungปิดทองหลังพระ
    (pronounced Phid thong lhang phra)
    Cover the back of an image of Buddha with gold leaf.
    Thai aphorism

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