Nabji-Korphu Community-based Trek

Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park located in central Bhutan, in an ecologically rich environment. Comprising an area of 1400 sq kms, it harbours tigers, Himalayan black bears, red pandas and golden langurs (a very rare primate, which can only be found in Bhutan and neighbouring Assam).An extraordinary 450 species of birds have been catalogued here, including the endangered Rufous-necked Hornbill, serpent eagle, golden-throated barbet, and yellow-bellied flowerpecker. It also has a wide variety of plants and flowers from chirpine, broad-leaved trees and bamboo, to rhododendrons and wild orchids.

The park is also home to several culturally rich agricultural villages. It is the homeland of the Monpa people - their small traditional villages are scattered on the slope overlooking Mangde Chhu. The Monpas are thought to have been the first settlers in Bhutan; Monpa meaning "the people of darkness" refers to their isolated position in the past, and the term Mon refers to people without religion, indicating the period before the advent of Buddhism in Bhutan. Today the Monpas practice a mix of animistic shamanism and Buddhism. They were originally hunters and food gatherers and their culture, tradition and practices are intrinsically linked to the forest around them.


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