Perched high in the eastern Himalaya is a unique land where few people live and even fewer visit. Those lucky enough to visit never forget this pure place of clear rivers, unspoilt forests and stunning Buddhist dzong.


The incomparable Angkor Wat is only the beginning. The east, north and southern coastal areas of the country, as well as the Mekong - the lifeblood of the country - reward visitors with a wealth of natural beauty and engaging cultural experiences.


There is no way of describing India that would tell you the truth. Chances are, it will shock you and amaze you. But only by going there and experiencing it for yourself can you come to know its beauty and complexity.


Indonesia has a multi-faceted culture thanks to a profusion of ethnic groups which are spread across a vast archipelago. Religion, language, food, and the natural environment vary greatly from place to place, making it a most rewarding long-stay travel destination.


Things tend not to happen quickly in Laos. Its called Laos time. Combine this slow pace of life with a rich and easy going Buddhist-infused culture, and you have the makings of a wonderful travel destination.


Modern cities, historic townships and a beautiful natural environment make Malaysia an ideal travel and holiday destination. Add to this a diverse mixture of cultures, widespread use of the English language and a delicious wide-ranging cuisine, and you have one of Southeast Asias easiest yet most rewarding places to visit.


With historic political change underway, Burma is the rising star of Southeast Asian travel. Its location as a bridge between China, India and Thailand is reflected in the mix of ethnicities who call Burma home. Gentle people with a natural sense of hospitality ensure that visitors feel most welcome.


The mighty Himalaya and the highest walks in the world join these two destinations at the hip. While both offer rewarding cultural experiences, it is their natural environment which is not to be missed, and there is no better way to see it than by foot.


A newly peaceful and resurgent Sri Lanka is a gift to travellers the world over. Relaxed, fun-loving people, a spicy, delicious cuisine and an array of stunning natural and cultural sites all within the confines of a modestly sized tropical island make Sri Lanka a perfect 3 week travel destination.


Thailand's holiday charms are well known - great food and hospitality, beautiful beaches, buzzing cities. These qualities - in addition to a wealth of famous and off-beat locations - make the Thai Kingdom a superb destination for travel adventures which enthral new and seasoned travellers alike.


The allure of great food is a strong motivator for many travellers to visit Vietnam. Add to this a variety of special activities such as the Junks of Halong Bay, hill tribe homestays and city walking tours and you have a destination that rewards the curious traveller.

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